Firmware version 3.1

With the release of the updated Charge4 comes firmware version 3.1 for both the Charge4 and Charge2

This now offers the ability to support bespoke custom charging profiles for those awkward devices that do not comply with the published standards.  Whilst these are often older devices, support for them is important as they are often found in cockpits as known and trusted platforms by their users.

The ability to input a custom profile also future proofs Charge2 and Charge4 against new devices that require the higher current power available but do not comply with the current standards.  Remember anything that can use greater than 1.5 Amps is already operating outside the standards.

Once we have access to a device we can create a specific profile for it, the code generated can then be input into the charger and assigned to one or more ports that will then support the device in question.  Multiple custom profiles can be stored so each port can be customised if required.