EASA Aircraft Support

Our power supplies / chargers can now be installed into EASA registered aircraft under Issue 2 of the CS-STAN regulations, removing the need to go through a Minor Mod approval for each installation.  …

Charge4 Panel Mount

By popular request a panel mounted Charge4 will be available from early July.  This will make the Charge4 unique in being the only 4 port panel mounted charger available designed for aviation use.

Updated Charge4

It has been a long time coming but an upgraded Charge4 is now available.

A quick rundown of the enhancements;

  • Delivers up to 8.5 Amps total power, on both 12v and 24v/28v supplies
  • Lower emissions than the previous generation, both conducted and radiated

Firmware version 3.1

With the release of the updated Charge4 comes firmware version 3.1 for both the Charge4 and Charge2

This now offers the ability to support bespoke custom charging profiles for those awkward devices that do not comply with the published standards.  …