Customer comments / installations

Below are some comments from previous customers, including pictures where available.

 I used it the weekend works great
Thanks for your prompt and professional service 

Customer Pics:  Installation powering an AirBox Clarity & Dynon D2 portable EFIS



Aircraft: CFM Shadow

“Very pleased with this unit, works great in the 57mm format with our black panel.”

Customer Pics: Nice looking Jodel, with a Charge2 57mm aircraft mount fitted.


Aircraft: Jodel

"The light weight and robust construction of the Charge2 unit meant that it was possible to construct a simple under-panel mount for a PA28. The unit is now powering an external GPS receiver and an iPad running Sky Demon as a very workable backup to the main GNS430 installation with no concerns over battery life or the RF interference that is common with many plug in chargers from the motoring market"

Customer Pics: Charge2 mounted under the front panel, via cigarette lighter socket to comply with EASA rules, powering iPad mini & GPS receiver


Aircraft: PA28

"The Charge 2 USB charging sockets integrate easily within a small space and in today’s modern cockpit layouts is not out of place and aesthetically pleasing. If you use the latest navigation Apps on your tablet or Smartphone, remote backup GPS receivers, then this has to be a must for those longer trips and peace of mind.

I have also tested various tablets and Smartphones, all at various states of charge and the Charge2 functioned as claimed.  Thanks again for a well made British product."

Customer Pics: Charge2 panel mounted installed just under aircraft intercom, powering iPad Mini and GPS 


Aircraft: LANCAIR 235

“I bought and fitted one of those Charge2 units about a month or so ago - Excellent - Really excellent  
No EMF interference with the radios.  Very easy to fit too.”

Customer Pic: Temporary ‘velcro’ fix under panel, pending installation to replace a USB charger that “gave me very bad interference on the radios (despite them saying it wouldn’t)”.  Powers iPad Mini and a Dual GPS


Aircraft: VANS RV-9