EASA Installations

Following extensive testing Charge2 and Charge4 may be installed into EASA non-complex motor-powered aircraft and any ELA2 aircraft under Issue 2 of the CS-STAN regulations section CS-SC102a.  

To achieve EASA compliance the following MOD from JP Avionics is required to be followed by a suitably rated EASA engineer and an EASA form 123 completed, a sample EASA 123 form is also available below.

JP Avionics - MOD 133 (click to view/download in .PDF format)

Sample EASA 123 form (click to view/download in .PDF format)

This procedure may be applied retrospectively to any Charge2 unit serial number B00500 or higher or Charge4 unit serial number C00450 or higher, enabling previously purchased supplies to be permanently installed in an EASA aircraft.

If you require the EASA Paperwork and Certificate of Compliance please select the option when ordering.  For retrospective orders please drop us an e-mail with your original purchase details.

JP Avionics is an Avionics and maintenance company in The Netherlands who performed extensive testing of our supplies for installation into various aircraft.